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Rain in Paradise
By Silva Noir

Summary: Rated PG, this is a romantic songfic companion to “The Morphist”. The characters David and Natasha are my own, as is the plot. Select lyrics were taken form the song “WWOZ” by Better than Ezra, which rights do not belong to me.

Russia was far away in more ways than one. They were on the move, running from the human race, a desperate action that would ultimately get them nowhere.

~ * String of flowers haloed round your head * ~

He thought he had found peace in those late spring days in the cool green forest. She would sit in the hill, plucking yellow petal flowers one by one, cooing to them as a mother would to a baby and trying them together in necklace. However it had been to small, so she let it rest upon her thick dark wavy hair as a crown fit for a May queen. She was a pure sight of innocence, loveliness, and childhood everlasting.

She sang sweetly in words he could not understand, a foreign language that although sounded harsh on some was music on her lips. Oblivious to her own poverty and solitude, she led a blissful life. Natasha, she had only this name and nothing more in her possession to call hers.

He had fallen in love with her on the spot.

It seemed ages ago that she had pulled his half frozen body from the snow and nursed him back to health. How such a fragile creature with dark mysterious eyes and fearful of most people somehow found the strength to take on the whole weight of his problems and support him without asking for anything in return, he did not know. What he did know was that she had given him a sense of being complete, of being whole.

He would never lose her. He would never let anyone hurt her. He held her in his arms now, as he had for many nights. She was his; he was hers: heart, mind, and soul.

~* Candle light. The ceiling fan. Curtains blow away and back again *~

The tiny artifacts lining the abandoned house they had rested in for evening made no effect on him. He saw only her. His psyche was subconsciously aware of the outside world, telling him in one direction a storm rattled the window with a cracked and dusty pane and rotting frame. That somewhere else the candles they lit flickered temperamentally, daring to be snuffed out by the incoming drafts at any moment. The lace draperies billowed and floated like ghosts, then deflated to a moping hang, only to repeat the actions every so often.

Summer made its presence well known with all its faces as they lurked about in the Southeast United States. They kept the lowest profile possible, in hopes no one would recognize him… who only a handful of years ago had been on the most wanted criminal list for a series of disasters and killings. What had once been an enraged beast of a young man, was now a mellow kindhearted individual thanks to the unconditional affection of a northern naturally grown girl.

~* Don't wake me; I think I'm in a dream. Sleeping is easy. I used to lay in bed for hours. I've waited a lifetime, now maybe I'll learn. *~


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