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A conversation with David Xilvrin

The morphist himself answers one of his fans in a revealling interview...

Redundant Duck: (walking into the room, noticing a smiling blonde young man) eeh, he looks even cuter when he's happy!

Silva Noir: ^_^

David: *blushes* thank you, miss

Redundant Duck: *bows* you're very welcome!

David: I hear you're a... (doens't quite know how to react) fan of mine?

Redundant Duck: *giggles* you could put it like that

David : (slightly confused, pushes his glasses up on his nose which had been slipping down) how else would you put it?

Redundant Duck: *claps a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling even more, since he looks the cutest when he's confused* i suppose you could call me an...avid admirer

David : (smiles a bit goofily) like a secret admirer?

Redundant Duck:'cept I'm not really a secret anymore ;)

David: (grins widens) very true

Redundant Duck: so I hear you like to dance

David: When the music is right, the room is dark except for a few shning lights and everyone moves together as if waves in the sea, then I can be one of them. Part of the crowd. Its a sense of belonging.

Redundant Duck: *breaks into a true smile, and takes a step toward him* and when is the music right?

David: (blinks) thats when I dance...

Redundant Duck: *nods sagely and looks at him through the corner of her eye* So many stories can be told without words. There were stories before there were words--made of light, and song, and movement, heartbeat of the world...

David: I like it best when the beat is hard, fast and strong. You can forget everything in your mind, let loose, give into madness within the masses.

Silva Noir : *snickers*

David: what? *looks so innocent a halo could pop over his head at any second*

Redundant Duck: I thought what he said was beautiful!

Silva Noir: well...

David (decides to ignore Silva and turns to duck with childlike interest) : tell me more about the stories

Redundant Duck: *delights in his interest and rises to it* They are a part of our creation. Our beings are bound up with it, and by them we sustained...for what is a life worth without wonder? And the music! It is the echo that we hear in the depths of our souls.

David: (a little sad) I'm told I have no soul, that that was part of my personal creation

Redundant Duck: Yet you still hear and heed the music!

David: even simple animals react to sounds. even innanimate objects can be manipualted with soundwaves at the right pitch (flexes his fingers and thinks of the Xilvrin) I'm little mroe than an adhersion of various chemicals, human and... inhuman. At least, I assume I'm human. as I tend to look like one.

Redundant Duck: To you, you find a "sense of belonging" in the music. And can a chemical feel sorrow, remorse, or joy?

David: yet chamleons change color to match their environment. perhaps I'm a chameleon then, blending in with a jungle of humanity

Redundant Duck: Ah, but do not humans also blend in with their surroundings? What is this talk of conformity? Minding your own business? In my mind, sometimes humanity has much to be desired.

David: Humans fear what they don't understand. They don;t understnad me... I don't yet understand myself. I am feared. Their fear leads to hatred...

Redundant Duck: *reaches over to gently touch his arm* Thank God not all humans are like that.

David: (jumps back at the touch) to be truly myself is to have to hide away. To never show myself in public. I have to stay in control. To pretend. To wear a mask of contentness, of normalcy.

Redundant Duck: *folds her hand in her lap* Then you are no different than any human walking this earth. Indeed, you are more human than you realize.

David: I'm sorry... I'm just not used to being touched

Redundant Duck: You can learn... *brings her hand up again to his face, pausing in the air as if asking his permission first*

David : (breath catches in his throat, eyes fixed on the hand) .... I don't know what will happen.... I might be poison to you... or visa versa

Redundant Duck: *smiles a bit, keeping her hand absolutely still* So you fear what you don't understand?

David: I.... I just don't want anyone to get hurt.

Redundant Duck: Then we are not so different. But nothing in life comes with an assurance of absolution; sometimes you need to take a chance... *places her fingertips on the line of his jaw*

David: *shivers slightly*

Redundant Duck: *very gently turns his eyes to face her* Do I look poisoned to you?

David: It mike take time to show an effect...

Redundant Duck: *smiles* I'd take the risk in a heartbeat.

David: *gulps*

Redundant Duck: *"...I think you are scaring the lad..." From out of the shadows, a tall form moves away from her ear, while she slowly turns around, her face tight.* Oh lord, you let you in?

Lindaran: Ooooh, now is that nice?

David: (moving away away) Its uh.. my bed time... (turns a corner, morphs wolf, and runs home)

Redundant Duck: *mouths to the Elf, "I'm gonna kill you!" then turns back to David's retreating form regretfully* I scared him away, didn't I?

Silva Noir: yup

Redundant Duck: I just wanted to help...

Silva Noir: well, he made SOME progress

Redundant Duck: did he honestly believe that he would poison me!

Silva Noir: yes, he did

Redundant Duck: *shakes her head a bit* sweet thing...

Silva Noir: that's why we all love him *yawns and stretches* unfortunatly, its my bedtime as well. Goodnight.

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