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L * I * N * K * S

Friends (yes, I have some )

Liquid Penguin, Inc. She draws art...and has Gwen. Gwen rocks.

The Official Spirit Warriorsİ Website Kaden Fukuyama's story/site which I am a part of.

We Don't Have a Title Yet the utter brilliance of Matty and Jim.

Romar Land he volunteered to do some Mophist art for me. Great stuff. Art of women, men, mechs and monsters.

Stilled Life! Meredith aka Lillith who invented Palmer (from the Morphist).

Tayla's Lair - Library Home of the story "Silver".

Oekaki boards: (online drawing and message board all in one! very addicting!) Kero Kero Oekaki Board: run by Aminomiko. Niji Mitsukai run by Raniko

Favorite Furry Sites

YERF: great, clean, diverse furry art

VCL all kinds of furry art form all kinds of artists, clean... and not clean. (I have a gallery there, see?)

The Furry Forest great little community of furs I belong to, some of my art is here as well.

Some anthro artists whose work I admire: .... Aalbaich .... Allison Reed .... Anya (Ginger) .... Cara Mitten .... Dalia .... Edith Tuulikki .... Erin Middendorf .... Holly Ann .... Megan Giles .... Poofy Wolf .... Pseudo-Manitou .... Texas-Ponie .... Turbine Divinity .... Ursula Vernon ....

the random, yet neato places

Toonzone News all the latest info on animation and comics in America, including what's on tv, what's on the movie screen, and what's on store shelves.

Comic book (and manga) companies of interest: Tokyo Pop .... Viz .... Darkhorse .... Marvel .... CrossGen .... A collection of beautiful manga paintings: The River Zildjian

Engrish who knew bad translations could be so fun? or how about some Free Translations ? (like if you ever need to scream out "Hey, that man stole my fish!" in Spanish... you can translate that sentence there).

E&G_SCI/Environmental links (because that is my major/minor): National Wilflife Fund ... World Wilflife Fund ... Association of American Geographers ... American Cenusus Factfinder ... ... ... and lastly, UMass Boston (my college... if you are interested for some odd reason)