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Characters of Canid Earth

(main players, except for Silva Noir)
All characters below are (C) Silva Noir [Charlene M.] 2000.

Main Supporting Cast:

Topaz Nephrite arctic fox, female, white fur with long silky white hair drawn up in a bun and gems. peircing amber colored eyes. Topaz was a noblewoman of the Forbidden Mountains who sought enternaal beauty, life, and wealth. In this search for spells, she relased the first of the ancient demons, darknyss, who consumed her daughter, Veronica.

Veronica PlagueVeronica Plague arctic fox, female, white fur with long silky black hair and long lashed violet eyes. Known as the lover of death, a mysterious veiled woman all in black with a white bone bird's mask covering her face. Her power is to awaken (Lyght sets demons to sleep) and to escape into deep shadow. Merged with the demon/spirit Darknyss. She has a deep affection for The Prince of Datain, but does not want to be tied down to any one place. She lives in her parent's mannor in the Forbidden Mountains as her home but travels often. Her father is kind to her, but too absorbed in his work to ever pay much attention to her (or his wife when she was alive).

Obsidian and Sooht Obsidian is a large, well-muscled, black wolf knight from Dantain who had an affair with Topaz to produce a grey half-wolf/half-fox son named Sooht. He alone raises Sooht (to hide that there was an affair).

Nathaniel Winston Molly the collie Like a German Shepherd (the dark part of his fur is a light greyed-down brown instead of black) in appearance with a tan and dull olive green uniform, enlisted in the Thistle Army this officer is the caretaker of one of the most important outposts in the borderlands between the North and Middlelands. He often gets lonely, with only other soldiers passing by for company. Secretly betraying his duty he becomes friends with Thomas Icestorm when the Prince of Dantain is but a pup. He later guides Silva on her journey north. He has a best friend and sends love letters to Molly the Collie (who always wears a simple dress and bonnet) back in his hometown. From Thistle (middlelands).

Benfang Icestorm arctic wolf. The former cruel king of Danatain, father of Thomas Icestorm.

Thomas IcestormThomas Icestorm arctic wolf, white fur with black paws/snout/(short)hair, merged with the demon/spirit Iyce. Male. A master swordsman and conqueror he is the Prince -later becoming King- of Dantain (northlands). A cold soul otherwise, he is madly in love with Veronica Plague, although she often refuses his propsals to be his Queen. Once truly undead, his eyes glow a solid neon blue. He wears princely attire.

Luther, the little green dragonLuther, the little green dragon. Egg sotlen from a museum display case, the little green scaled pup serves as a pet to Silva and her friends. He is one of the few scattered dragons on Canid Earth. He has the intelligence of a slightly-above average animals and singature sound is "meep". When hatched, he was under a foot long. At full grown he is the size of a sheep, but much slimmer. He's a vegetarian and never attacks unless his owner is threatened. From one of the islands of Hawados.

Iko, the green and brown dragon large old great grandmother dragon Silva encounters in the middle of a forest. Iko tells her the story of Eryth and how canines came to her country (from a dragon's point of view). Iko is the only dragon that ever cared to learn the canine's language.

Del Marina Male, once was a hyena, merged with the demon/spirit Watyr so far that he looks like a sea creature and not a canid. He is seven foor tall with a long whip-like tail with a flue at the end, a sharkish fin on his back, and a baracuda like head and yellow snake-eyes, wearing baggy jeans and tight (if any) shirts along with a spiked collar and matching barecelts. He is friend of no one, Enemy to most. From Rareku (southlands).

Tassle Marie Tassle Marie This little girl, a husky-dox mix with a chesnut brown topside fur and white underside, sole heiress of The Marie family riches and secrets was rescued by Silva Noir from a shipwreck from Del Marina. Silva has been stuck with the hyper tomboy ever since. Later it turns out that Tassle can merge herself with the demon/spirit Wynd to fly or cause other things to levitate... part of the Marie family secrets. The tassle part of her name comes from her braided hair, tufted ears, and the tip her tail gets thicker at the end in a sort of tassel.

Moero Pele Moero Pele Corgy, female. Very outgoing and dominating, strong physically as well as in personality, but generally friendly. Big red-orange hair, orange fur (white underside), red claws, short snout, and a pudgy body. Goddess of the Volcano, Merged with the demon/spirit Fyre. From Hawados (southlands). Friend of Zibri (make no mistake, she's the tough one, she's the boss, she calls the shots).

Neha Dream Greyhound, brown and white with long brown hair past her waist. She is a fortune teller who oddly never tells her customers the future, but instead reads into their thoughts, dreams, and hidden pasts and gives the best advice based on that. Her power comes from a stone statue in the temple next to where she lives (in the country of Indala). She is also Zibri's beloved mother.

Zibri Dream Zibri Dream An often feminine looking MALE Greyhound... white with tiger and candy cane dark blue stripes and navy blue hair. Merged with the demon/spirit Illusyon. His power is to induce hallucinations, travel through dreams and nightmares,and also to read/change/erase minds. From Indala (Southlands). Friend of Moero (or rather, partner in crime).

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