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Canid Earth

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Updates: 02/04/05 added the BIG TABLE. "Little Witch" is done. more stories soon!
Ratings: assume everything is PG-13 and up. None of it is "yiffy", but there is "fantasy violence".
Stories are listed/linked in the table below

Explorations of Canid Earth

Title Type Status Description Location(s)
Outpost story in progress A soldier caught between two countries decides to side with both. The first appearances of Nathan and Thomas, who become important later. The Borderlands
Dark Wish comic [ ] Be careful what you wish for. A macabre fairytale. Veronica Plague's backstory. The Forbidden Mountains
In Dreams ??? [ ] The family gift turns out to be a family curse. Zibri Dream's backstory. Indala
Volcano comic [ ] "I don't know where I'm-a-gonna-go when the volcano blow". A virgin, a volcano, a comedy/love story! Moero Pele's backstory Hawados
Masks comic [ ] The outside hides what's inside. Del Marnia's backstory Rareku
Ice Castles story [ ] A stranger in the castle's court is caught up in the royal family plotting aganist one another. Dantain
Alchemy comic [ ] We all have power, how we choose to use that power is what's important. Tassle Marie's backstory Canardy
Green Dragons story in progress When glory fades, the legends remain for those willing to listen. Luther and Eryth's backstory Middlelands (West)
Eryth comic [ ] The same tale of Eryth told in "Green Dragons", but more elaborate. Middlelands (West)
Journey comic [ ] Just because you walk the path of peace, doesn't mean others will. Silva Noir 's backstory Middlelands (W + E), Borderlands, Dantain
Rise comic [ ] The lesser of two evils. Silva Noir 's backstory, cont. Middlelands (West).
untitled ??? [ ] The hidden history did not stay buried. Spirits and Demons roam the earth. What can be done? all over the world
Go Fish story in progress You are never really alone... whether you like it or not. Middlelands (West).
Escape from Massarti comic [ ] two words... "killer robots" ;) Middlelands (East).
Little Witch comic complete It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Middlelands (West).
The King is Dead comic [ ] "The King is Dead, Long Live the King" ... a contradictory statement, or not? Dantain
Sister Twister comic. [ ] Tassle tries to help the Dantain princess forget her country's turmoil by going on a big adventure. Helped by a Guest artist. all over the world
Frozen Hearts story complete Love never dies. Dantain
People are Strange ??? [ ] "people are strage, when you're a stranger, faces seem ugly, when you're alone, women seem wicked, when you're unwanted, streets are uneven, when you're down". Moero + Zibri, Tassle + Silva, meet. Middlelands (West)
Funhouse Mirrors ??? [ ] A day at the fair brings more than a few surprises Middlelands (West)
Butterfly Wings ??? [ ] Zibri descends into his deepest madness... and what brought him into it will happen again. Middlelands (West), Dantain
Battle for Terregrin March ??? [ ] [ ] Terregrin March
Now Approaching Midnight ??? [ ] Silva and Zibri must stop Tom and Ver from uncovering more black magic. The Forbidden Mountains
untitled ??? [ ] "The end of the world as we know it... but I feel fine" ? Rareku, Middleands (West)

(c) Silva Noir (Charlene McAdams) 2000